Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tuck

Among the most popular treatments that we see today is the Tummy Tuck. Weight loss, maternity, and heredity attributes are all elements that can cause the tummy to develop loose, drooping skin and a bulging appearance as a result of weakened abdominal muscles. Though exercise can offer limited toning benefits, no quantity of workout or dieting can bring back firmness to loose skin or repair stretched muscles that that were damaged or separated as a result of the the pressure put upon them during pregnancy.

Abdominoplasty / Tummy Tuck

In a tummy tuck treatment, Dr. Rosenblum brings back a flat and attractive appearance to the abdomen to attain the following perks:.

  • A flat, appearance is restored to a protruding, flabby tummy.
  • The ability to put on more form-fitting clothing, jeans, and swimwear with confidence.
  • Wrinkled, loose, and / or drooping skin is eliminated to return a smooth, firm appearance.
  • Hidden abdominal muscles are fixed and tightened up to diminish protruding.
  • The waist curve is typically improved as a result of muscle tightening and the removal of loose skin.
  • A natural, younger look can be returned to a belly button that is distorted or sagging.
  • Stretch marks and C-section scars below the belly button can commonly be hidden or improved.

Tummy Tuck surgery is frequently incorporated with other treatments to enhance the body’s look such as breast enhancement surgical procedure, liposuction, and / or various other body contouring procedures to restore a firm, proportional contour to sagging thighs, buttocks and arms. Influenced by the flattering appearance of their face-lift and a higher sense of positive self-image, many of Dr. Rosenblum tummy tuck patients are inspired to implement positive way of life habits to further enhance the means they look and feel.

Dr. Rosenblum does tummy tuck surgical treatment at his private AAAASF-certified SurgiCentre facility in Virginia Beach, where you will be very carefully monitored and cared for by his highly trained medical staff.


In the majority of cases, a incision is made near the pubic hair line that stretches from hip bone to hip bone. For optimal concealment, this cut is placed underneath the bikini line, so that the resulting scar is well-hidden by swimwear and under wear.

The weakened underlying muscles are fixed and tightened with long-term stitches, and excess skin is removed. A 2nd laceration is typically made around the navel to tighten up loose skin above it; the navel is then repositioned with an opening that is made in the recently firm skin. Cuts are closed with stitches that are gotten rid of 7-10 days later on. A tummy tuck procedure is normally 2-5 hours in length, and is performed under general anesthesia.

Following tummy tuck surgical treatment, Dr. Rosenblum generally recommends returning house.

To decrease puffiness and swelling and provide stability, you will be fitted with an elastic garment that is placed around your abdomen following the surgical treatment. Dr. Rosenblum might likewise put little drainpipe tubes under your skin to minimize the build-up of fluid.

You will probably feel sore for 5-10 days following tummy tuck surgical treatment. Most clients are able to go back to work in 2 weeks and return to workout in six weeks. The results of a tummy tuck treatment are generally long lasting provided  the patient maintains their weight.