Breast Augmentation Season

Hurricane Michael brought winds, rain, and colder temperatures-fall has officially arrived. For many reasons, this is considered the beginning of Breast Augmentation Season in Virginia Beach, and we’re happy to explain why.

Best Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

Here at Galardi/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, our plastic surgeons are skilled and experienced at helping the residents of Hampton Roads achieve their physical goals. We want you to look as good as you feel, and we work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re happy with your results.

Which Breast Surgery is Best for You?

Rosenblum Plastic Surgery specializes in surgeries, treatments, and procedures that help our patients look as good as they feel. One of our most frequent complaints are around our patients’ chests, so we thought we’d answer some of your most common questions about the girls.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentations, often referred to as boob jobs, are a common procedure with a manageable recovery time.

Breast Augmentation – Half the Battle is Recovery

Some women undergo breast augmentation in Virginia Beach to achieve overall satisfaction and confidence with their looks. The procedure is only part of the effort, as patients need to know how to care for themselves to fully recover from the surgery. Dr. Rosenblum provides specific instructions to ensure a safe recovery from your breast augmentation. Here are some post-op care tips to follow: No Heavy Lifting or Any Strenuous Activity Most women would love to hit the gym to get back into shape and ensure their new bust goes well with the perfect body. Heavy lifting or any strenuous activity, however, is a big no-no for those who are recovering from their breast surgery. The body is still recuperating from the procedure, and working out will only add strain and impede recovery. Rest is Paramount Rest is important following surgery. When you lie down, make sure your chest and head are slightly elevated than your lower body. If you’re a side sleeper, use a soft pillow under your mid-back and shoulders for added comfort and support. You can stay in bed during the early stages of healing, but you still need to do light walking as a form of exercise. …

Signs You’re Ready for Breast Reduction Surgery

Undergoing breast reduction surgery is often life changing, resulting in personal satisfaction, health improvement, and significant happiness. Most women with large, heavy breasts are suffering from a medical condition called Macromastia. The symptoms are skin maceration, back and shoulder pain, and rashes between and underneath the breasts. Breast reduction normally solves these issues and improves the shape and size of your breasts. Here are some questions to know whether you’re a good candidate for breast reduction: Are Your Large Breasts Affecting the Quality of Your Life? We perform breast reduction surgery for different reasons. These include embarrassment due to large breasts, persistent back pain, and a lot more. If large breasts are severely hindering you from doing daily chores, then breast reduction is a viable option. Are You Doing the Surgery for Yourself? You should be getting the surgery for yourself and not to please someone else and fulfill their wishes and desires. This should be for your own good, not for someone else’s benefit. Once you’ve decided on the surgery, you can move forward and research on the procedure. Do You Have Realistic Expectations? You must be aware of the health risks and realistic expectations before undergoing any cosmetic …