Facelift before the Holidays

Halloween is over, witches.

Trade in your Pumpkin Spice lattes for peppermint mochas, eggnog, and champagne because the holidays have arrived!

happy facelift patients

With the holidays come something else: cameras.

Family, friends, in-laws, and new acquaintances will all be lining up for selfies, group shots, holiday cards, and of course, Christmas morning candids. Are you (and your face) ready for all those bright, flashing lights?

We have great news for you!

Galardi & Rosenblum Plastic Surgery has performed so many facelift surgeries we’ve pioneered our own proprietary methods for improving final results.

Just ask any of our hundreds of happy facelift patients-and be sure to check out our Facelift Before and After photos.

A Pretty Face

The holidays are a time of love, joy, and family. Enjoy every moment when you’re focused on your loved ones, rather than your laugh lines. This year, you’ll smile the brightest when that high-definition, all-the-pixels, best-camera-in-a-smartphone is raised.Pretty Face

Celebrate the holiday season with confidence and have your best Thanksgiving and Christmas yet, when you get a facelift from Galardi & Rosenblum Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach.

Face of an Angel

Once you’re able to relax and stop worrying about your appearance, you may be surprised to find that the commemorative photos and holiday cards show you at your very best. Not only because you’re genuinely enjoying yourself, but also because of your secret weapon: a Virginia Beach facelift.

Posting your holiday pics on Facebook or the Gram, sending snail-mail Christmas cards, or simply looking back in a year or more, everyone will know you looked amazing-and nobody will quite know what changed.

That’s the power of a Galardi & Rosenblum facelift.

Smile, you’re Beautiful

We know you’re already gorgeous. We also know that every woman has a list of “flaws” she’d like to fix! When looking in the mirror starts to bring you down more than it lifts you up, don’t fret.

natural-looking youthful results

Remind yourself that you are wonderful just the way you are—and that there are always ways to change your look, starting with a little turning back of time.

Facelifts are a great way to achieve natural-looking youthful results.

We all age, but we don’t have to show it! When crow’s feet, fine lines, and forehead wrinkles bum you out, remember that a facelift can erase it all-and fast.

Where can I get a Facelift Near Me?

Galardi & Rosenblum Plastic Surgery Center has locations convenient to you in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Newport News, and Chesapeake, VA. We offer facelifts and much more to the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Hampton Roads, to restore youthful appearances, confidence, and joy to the community.

Look as great as you feel this winter, with a facelift for the holidays. Happy Selfies!

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