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Misconception People Have About Plastic Surgery

You can find tons of health myths online about nearly every medicine or surgery. Thats why a lot of people have misconceptions about plastic surgery, how its performed, what results are like and more. False information might keep you from getting a procedure youd love–or even lead you to take actions that hurt your results.

If you are interested in plastic surgery, dont fall for these myths:

Plastic Surgery is For Women
While women do get more plastic surgery than men, more men than ever are seeking out cosmetic procedures, from Botox to facelifts. A great appearance can be beneficial for anyones career, love life or confidence. Its not just women who deserve to feel great about how they look.

Plastic Surgery Doesnt Leave Scars
Any time you make a surgical incision, it will leave a scar. However, plastic surgeons carefully hide scars and use careful stitching to minimize the appearance of scars. For instance, a facelift scar may be behind your ear. A breast augmentation scar may be in the fold underneath the breast or in the armpit. Being carefully during your recovery and following recovery instructions is also important to minimize scarring.

Recovery from Cosmetic Surgery Is Long and Painful
Recovery from some procedures may take weeks. However, new surgical techniques and pain management solutions can help you stay comfortable throughout recovery and even make recovery faster. Again, following your surgeons instructions is vital to having the best results and the fastest recovery possible.

Cosmetic Surgery Results Are Always Obvious
When people undergo extreme plastic surgery, it may be easy to see that theyve had work done. These patients make it seem like plastic surgery results dont look natural.

However, many patients have less extreme work done that looks so natural, youll never know they had a procedure. Any type of plastic surgery, from breast augmentation to facelifts, can look natural when it is customized to your appearance.

Only Old People Get Plastic Surgery
With so many different cosmetic procedures, people of all ages undergo plastic surgery all the time. In fact, plastic surgery, even procedures to hide signs of aging, is more effective the younger you are. The most common time for plastic surgery is between ages 40-55.

Only Superficial People Get Plastic Surgery
This is possibly the worst misconception about plastic surgery. People from all walks of life undergo cosmetic procedures for a wide range of reasons. Some people, such as salespeople, want to look younger for their careers. Some people have been teased about their nose for their whole life.

Surveys show that people who undergo cosmetic surgery overwhelmingly feel more confident in themselves and report a higher quality of life. Plastic surgery isnt just about appearance; it is about boosting self-esteem and helping people feel great about themselves.

If you have any questions about plastic surgery, you can always trust your surgeon to give you the truth. At Rosenblum Plastic Surgery in Virginia Beach, our knowledgeable staff helps answer all your questions so you feel informed about your procedure. Contact us today at (757) 496-5556 for answers to your questions or to schedule an appointment.