women thinking about having breast augmentation

Signs Youre Ready for Breast Reduction Surgery

Undergoing breast reduction surgery is often life changing, resulting in personal satisfaction, health improvement, and significant happiness. Most women with large, heavy breasts are suffering from a medical condition called Macromastia. The symptoms are skin maceration, back and shoulder pain, and rashes between and underneath the breasts. Breast reduction normally solves these issues and improves the shape and size of your breasts.

Here are some questions to know whether youre a good candidate for breast reduction:

Are Your Large Breasts Affecting the Quality of Your Life?

We perform breast reduction surgery for different reasons. These include embarrassment due to large breasts, persistent back pain, and a lot more. If large breasts are severely hindering you from doing daily chores, then breast reduction is a viable option.

Are You Doing the Surgery for Yourself?

You should be getting the surgery for yourself and not to please someone else and fulfill their wishes and desires. This should be for your own good, not for someone elses benefit. Once youve decided on the surgery, you can move forward and research on the procedure.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

You must be aware of the health risks and realistic expectations before undergoing any cosmetic surgery. Breast reduction is designed to be in proportion with your natural body contour. All cosmetic surgeries have risks and complications, but you can help prevent complications by carefully following our instructions before and after your procedure. Discuss your concerns with us and well inform you about the post-surgery care for breast reduction.

Do You Expect All Your Problems to Be Solved After the Surgery?

Breast reduction may lead to a positive body image, improved self-esteem, and better quality of life, but it cant fix your career or family problems. Well determine whether youre mentally ready for the surgery before starting the procedure.

Breast reduction positively affects your life and body image. It will also decrease health problems associated with your breasts, such as back pain, migraine, and skin maceration. Set an initial consultation with us and well help you set realistic expectations, and advice whether youre physically and emotionally ready for the surgery.