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Top Secrets Your Plastic Surgeon Wont Tell You

Cosmetic surgery is big business, accounting for millions of dollars of spending every year. Unfortunately, thats led to some unscrupulous practices by plastic surgeons and other health professionals who are looking to earn money.

While most plastic surgeons are very honest and open about their work, they may not be telling you everything you need to know.

New Isnt Always Better
The cosmetic surgery industry moves fast, introducing new technologies and techniques frequently. But new isnt always better, especially if your plastic surgeon isnt well-trained on the new techniques or doesnt have a lot of experience with certain equipment.

Though you may hear about new procedures, its best to stick to tried-and-true methods until the new procedures have more time to be tested in the real world.

Facelifts Arent Forever
No plastic surgery procedure has permanent results, especially if you gain or lose weight. Significant changes to your body can make your results change, too.

The process of aging also continues. While facelift results may last about 10 years, no small amount of time, you will continue to age and your skin will begin to sag all over again.

Its vital that before you consider any plastic surgery, you learn about the maintenance of the procedure and how you can make your results last as long as possible.

You Can Reduce Your Need for Plastic Surgery
Habits you have now, and especially those you have while you are young, may help you avoid plastic surgery in the future. For instance, wearing sunscreen consistently can considerably slow down your skins aging process. Adding moisture by drinking water and using moisturizing lotions may also help you avoid some signs of aging.

Keeping a healthy weight by staying active and eating well may also help you avoid procedures like liposuction. In general, a healthy lifestyle can help you have a better appearance, too.

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