Breast Augmentation

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1. Can I have a mammogram after having a breast augmentation?

Yes. We refer you to the American Medical Association guidelines for mammograms.

When you go to get your mammogram, you will want to tell the technician or mammographer that you have had breast augmentation surgery. They will then employ a special technique to isolate the breast tissue from the implant so that they can get a clear picture of the breast.

2. Can I have a breast augmentation if my breasts sag?

During your consultation, not only will we spend a lot of time deciding what size you ultimately want to be, but we will also spend a fair amount of time analyzing your breast, shape, size and sag. If you have some sagging, known as breast ptosis, we will address that at the time of consultation.

Many times we do a lift at the same time as a breast augmentation with a small implant, which ultimately gives you the best shape and the most natural look.

Several years ago, Dr. Rosenblum developed a unique technique called the “hover lift;” a short incision allows us to lift the breast, the nipple and areola, at the same time as putting a breast implant in. This procedure gives great results with superior fullness at the top of the breast with the most minimal of scarring.

3. What about confidentiality?

We have a fully accredited ambulatory surgery center within our facility at Galardi/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery. In fact, it is that accreditation that allows us to offer you a state of the art facility with the highest level of safety and the most confidentiality so that whatever you have done is not known to anybody else.

4. Do I have to go to a hospital for the surgery?

No. Galardi/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery center has a fully accredited ambulatory surgery center.

Our facility has been there for over 5 years and has been fully accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the Accreditation Committee for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

We get accredited every year and have never had any lapses or negative comments from the reviewers who have accredited our facility.

5. What happens if I need a revision?

Although revisions after breast augmentation surgery are not common, they do sometimes occur. During the first year after your breast augmentation surgery, we will work with you to make sure your result is the best possible result it can be.

During that first year if a revision is needed, we can promise it will be for minimal-to-no charge.

6. When can I go back to the gym?

Usually within 3-5 days our patients are back at work and within 2 weeks they are back in the gym.

While that may vary depending on how aggressive your workouts are or what type of workouts you do, we can customize a workout for you to get you back as soon as possible.

7. How many breast augmentations have you done?

Galardi/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery has performed over 1,000 breast augmentation procedures.

8. What about nipple sensation?

In our practice we have found that 80% of women who undergo breast augmentation surgery have the same sensation after surgery as they did before. While there may some temporary loss of sensation just from the incision for the first several weeks, that usually resolves.

10% of women will actually have an increase in sensation to their nipples and 8-9% of women will have a decrease in sensation.

Approximately 1% of women can have a loss of sensation in one of their nipples. So while it can happen that you will lose sensation, it is an uncommon occurrence.

9. Will I be able to breast feed after the surgery?

Almost all of our patients who have had breast augmentation surgery and who have wanted to breastfeed afterwards can.

10. How do I determine what size is best for me?

Most women come in saying they want to be a certain cup size. In reality, very few women know what that cup size will be on their body but all women know what they want to look like after surgery. We spend most of our consultation time sizing you appropriately, because when you undergo breast augmentation surgery and 4-5 weeks down the road we want to make sure you look the way you wanted.

During the consultation we will spend time trying on different sizes and types of implants to see what looks best on you. Ultimately it is the look that you want, not the letter in the back of your bra, that matters.

11. How much does breast augmentation cost?

The price is dependent on whether we are using a saline (a salt-water filled implant) or a silicon implant (a gel filled implant). In general prices range from $4,500-$6,500 depending on which implant is being used. If we need to do a lift as well, this also adds an additional expense.

During your consultation, our patient counselor will be able to give you an exact price that will include everything: the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the operating room, the implants and any other after-care we could foresee.

12. How long will I be out of work?

Usually within a week, you are back to work and within 2 weeks you are back to the gym.

13. How long after surgery will it be before I can lift my child?

After 5-7 days you will be able to lift whatever weight you want.

14. Where will the implants be placed…above or under the muscle?

It can be the patient’s choice. However, we have found in our practice the safest placement is below the muscle. Approximately 90% of the augmentations we do are placed below the muscle. There are circumstances where being above the muscle is advantageous and we can discuss this with you during your consultation.

In general, the ability to have the implants below the muscle leads to a better, long term result and ultimately allows for mammograms to be done more easily to see the breast tissues separated from the implant by the muscle plane.

15. What kind of implants will we use for your breast augmentation?

We have a choice between saline, salt-water filled implants and silicone, gel filled implants. While silicone implants got a bad name in the early to late 90s, they were brought back on the market by the FDA in November of 2006. The FDA required the implant manufacturers to do a double blind randomized study of almost 350,000 women over a 10 year period. During that period, it was found that the implants were safe and effective, the implants didn’t lead to a higher incidence of connective tissue diseases or chronic fatigue. So today, we have a choice of both.

The silicone gel implant has its advantages in that it looks and feels more natural and is less likely to ripple. The saline implant has its advantages as well. It is filled with saline externally, so it can ultimately be adjusted. So if in 6 months you were to come back and request your breast implant be bigger or smaller, with saline we could adjust those (while with silicone, we could not).

In general, the silicone gel implants cost $1000 more per pair. That is not an upcharge we offer to you, that is essentially what the implants cost to buy. We want you to look at both types of implants and pick whichever one you think will be best for you.

16. Where will the incisions be placed?

In our practice, we have a choice of 3 different types of incisions.

1. Around the areola
2. In the inframammary fold, the breast crease below the areola or nipple
3. In the armpit

While many women have preferences to which incision they want to use, we often wait until the consultation is done and then we discuss the merits of each incision. Often times, multiple incisions can be used with equal efficacy. However, with some patients, their body type or breast type lends them to one incision being preferred over the other.

Ultimately it is your choice as the patient, but our staff will give you the best guidance possible.

17. Can you have other procedures done during a breast augmentation?

Yes you can, and it is something we would discuss during your personal consultation. Sometimes our patients who are having a breast augmentation are often having a breast lift, a tummy tuck, thigh lift, or liposuction on different troublesome areas of their bodies.

The mommy makeover is a breast augmentation with a small lift and a tummy tuck that sometimes includes some liposuction.

Please remember that since safety is our main priority, we will never jeopardize your health in our operating room with doing more than what should be done.