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Galardi Rosenblum Plastic Surgery Dr. J. Byers Bowen about Dr. Joseph C. MerrellFor Dr. J. Byers Bowen, plastic surgery is an art form that improves lives

By Rob Lauer

Dr. J. Byers Bowen always knew that he wanted to be a physician. Medicine was a passion of mine since junior high school, he recalls. I always wanted to be a surgeon but wasnt sure what type. It wasnt until my general surgery residency that I became fully aware of the many uses for plastic surgery. Like a lot of people, I had always thought of it in connection with cosmetics. Then, when I learned how reconstructive plastic surgery is used to better the lives of those recovering from an accident, cancer or some other disfiguring disease, I decided to become a plastic surgeon.

Since making that decision years ago, this newest member of the Galardi/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery team has come to appreciate the artistry inherent in this branch of medicine.

Plastic surgery is an art form, Dr. Bowen says proudly. While a particular reconstructive and cosmetic procedure will always apply the same principles, no two patients are the same. Each is physically different in countless ways. So even when performing the same procedure on two people, I have to pay close attention to the details of those differences. Each procedure is different from every other one. Each presents a variety of unique challenges and possibilities.

In 2018, Dr. Bowen joined the practice of the late Dr. Craig Merrell. Our partnership had a huge impact on me, Dr. Bowen recalls. Dr. Merrell was a highly-esteemed plastic surgeon with solid connections to the community and 36 years of experience. Working with him was such a valuable experience. He and I were cut from the same cloth. We both related to our patients in the same way: we were concerned for them as if they were members of our family. Since his unexpected passing last year, I am dedicated to continuing to care for his patients.

In May 2019, Dr. Bowen joined Galardi/ Rosenblum and now sees patients in their Harborview-area office in Suffolk, VA.

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