Meet Dr. Rosenblum

A Virginia Beach native, Dr. Rosenblum joined craniofacial Dr. William P. Magee in 2005. Now Galardi/Bowen/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery, the practice is the largest and most well respected cosmetic and reconstructive centers in the area.



Rosenblum graduated from Norfolk Academy and went on to study at Colgate University before returning to the south to attend the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. He began his surgical training at the University of Kentucky in Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), focused on achieving a Board Certification in Plastic Surgery.

Invited to attend the prestigious Vanderbilt University, Rosenblum completed his plastic surgery residency as well as Otolaryngology, achieving a rare double board certification.

Operation Smile

With talent for facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Rosenblum knew he had found his specialty. He completed an additional fellowship with Dr. William P. Magee, Jr., founder of Operation Smile. During this fellowship he traveled to various countries where new techniques for pediatric and infant surgery were being pioneeredalong with some adult cosmetic surgery procedures.


Afforded the incredible opportunity to spend three months in Paris with world-renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Rosenblum was exposed to innovative new cosmetic procedures still being introduced to the United States today.

Pioneer of Surgical Techniques

Dr. Rosenblum helped develop several proprietary surgical techniques during his career including endoscopic brow lifts, minimal-incision facelifts, short scar breast lifts, and no-incision rhinoplasties. By perfecting these methods our practice offers minimal scarring from procedures, less downtime for recovery, and improved results.

Studying the faces of his youngest patients has allowed Dr. Rosenblum to minutely understand the aging process and its effects throughout life. It is this unique perspective that allows for continuous development, innovation, and superior, natural-looking results for his adult cosmetic patients.


Noticing that the complex Operation Smile surgeries performed on children with life-threatening conditions had potential applications for adult patients, Dr. Rosenblum adapted several reconstructive surgery techniques to achieve natural and long-lasting results for adult cosmetic patient surgeries as well.

Community Involvement

Dr. Rosenblum continues to operate on children and infants in need, and travels frequently to various countries with Operation Smile. He holds a prominent role in the organization at the national level and lectures on cleft lips, cleft palates, and birthmarks in the U.S. and abroad.

Dr. Rosenblum is on the Medical Staff of Sentara Princess Anne Ambulatory Surgery Center, Virginia Beach Ambulatory Surgery Center, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, and Leigh Hospital, as well as serving as the Chairman of Plastic Surgery at Bon Secours DePaul Hospital.

As the founder of Galardi/Bowen/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Rosenblum maintains an active cosmetic surgery practice in Virginia Beach, with additional locations in Chesapeake, Newport News and Suffolk.


Spa & Laser Centers in Virginia Beach & Downtown Norfolk

All plastic surgery procedures are performed in our fully-accredited ambulatory surgical facility, and Dr. Rosenblum is the medical director of the adjacent Spa & Laser Centers in Virginia Beach and Downtown Norfolk.
At the Spa & Laser Centers our patients are pampered with the latest and most innovative skin care and laser treatments. By working in tandem we optimize operative results and occasionally avoid surgical procedures in favor of less-invasive spa services.

Personal Life

Dr. Rosenblum has been happily married for 18 years and has three children who stay busy singing, surfing, and playing sports.

Here to Help Your Life Look Better

Whether infant, adult, or any age in between, come meet with Dr. Rosenblum at Galardi/Bowen/Rosenblum Plastic Surgery and experience the expertise of our staff and find life looks better when you do.