Spa & Laser Center

Smooth and evenly toned skin is an important component of a plan to maintain a youthful, fresh appearance. At the Spa and Laser Center, our skin care specialists will design a plan to improve your skin’s quality so that it looks radiant and rejuvenated all year long.

We are committed to providing you with the most advanced and effective skin care treatments and products available. As part of a daily skincare routine, our products contain active, medical-grade ingredients which work at a cellular level to penetrate and transform your skin. In addition, we offer a number of treatment options which will restore a smoother, brighter appearance to the face. Many of these treatments can be completed in less than an hour and require minimal to no downtime.

Complemented by The Spa and Laser Center located in the North End of Virginia Beach, downtown Norfolk and Suffolk our doctors offer a full service of both surgical and non-surgical options to enhance the appearance of even the most discriminating patients. It is here that his patients are pampered with the latest and most innovative skin care and laser treatments. This not only ensures that operative results are maximized and long-lasting but, on occasion, surgical procedures are avoided in favor of newer, less invasive techniques.The Spa and Laser Center was established in 2005 under the direction of Susanne Hughes, R. N., and Kathy McCarthy, administrator. Please visit their website to see a full list of services and specials.